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Companionship means sharing of interest, sharing of knowledge and, of course, sharing moments of fun. It needs education. The term education has nothing to do with the established institutional education. Education means the ability to read, write, and learn. The term education means the knowledge base and its derivatives, education is an essential part to evaluate the self, and that is the important part in the escort profession. To know the client, the escort must know herself first. It is a kind of comparison a cognitive behavior. But, the idea of good, bad and ugly has changed and changing subtly. The escort must have a thorough idea or a base ready to compare the change and justify. The education is the base, and education is a continuous process to keep updated. The chances are always there that the client opens up a discussion board and insists on her opinion. In a party of friends full of fun and frolic and designed for a weekly cool off, the most popular guy is he, who has a keen sense of humor.

The political correct

To do the job of a companion and play the role of a soul mate to someone alien every odd day and start it afresh is possibly worse than water boarding. The escorts do it with a hearty laugh every odd day means they are very strong mentally. It should add to their grace if the retouch their personality with a keen sense of humor. There is a categorical difference between humor and joke. The humor is part of the philosophy and the philosophy of humor is to watch the world from another dimension staying in the same dimension. It is a kind of attachment with the physical world and at the same time shutting the bad outside. The escorts take an active part in the entire process and observe it as an outsider, so nothing good, bad or ugly hurled from that world can reach, let alone hurt her.

Witty humor

It needs a receptive mind a very good education and excellent grooming. However, it can be practiced also. So, the escort must realize that a keen sense of humor will keep her client pleased and that is half the job done and will help to keep her sanity. The Banjara Hills Escorts are now asked to accompany their clients to different social functions. Remember, the function of the escort is to glorify the clients and her every step is weighed with the responsibility to guard her client. A sufficiently educated person will glide past the leg pullers, but if trapped they will be competent enough to face the challenge. The escorts must be educated enough to know that they are doing the job of a caregiver to someone who needs it to keep his sanity. She must be educated enough to understand that the role playing is a part of the game, and it has nothing to do with her emotions and individual self.